Representing The Walkers Project, Akshay Parvatkar’s Meeting with Naseeruddin Shah Sparks Creativity at Cannes


Representing The Walkers Project, Akshay Parvatkar's Meeting with Naseeruddin Shah Sparks Creativity at Cannes

The Walkers Project beneficiary Akshay Parvatkar had the privilege of meeting an esteemed actor Naseeruddin Shah at the Cannes Film Festival 2024. This encounter, steeped in admiration for Shah’s illustrious career, leaving Akshay profoundly inspired by the presence of a luminary in the realm of Indian cinema.

Akshay delved into the world of cutting-edge cinematic experiences through two remarkable VR films: Spheres and En Amour. Particularly enraptured by Spheres, Akshay embarked on a captivating 40-minute journey through space, witnessing the awe-inspiring birth of black holes, navigating close encounters with planets, and enveloping himself in the enchanting sounds of the universe across diverse wavelengths.

These immersive encounters ignited Akshay’s creative fervour, reaffirming his commitment to pushing the boundaries of storytelling and technological integration in his future film endeavours.

Representing Walkers & Co through The Walkers Project, Akshay Parvatkar embodies the ethos of innovation and creative expression. The Walkers Project, a visionary initiative, seeks to cultivate emerging talent in the realm of filmmaking and foster collaborative endeavours that redefine the landscape of contemporary cinema.


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