Serendipity Arts Festival – Goa 2017

Serendipity Arts Festival – Goa 2017 – presents contemporary arts, crafts, a culinary promenade of local flavors, and international theatrical dance

The Serendipity Arts Festival -Goa 2017,Displays vibrant performing art forms and dramatic views of the modern spectators


The Serendipity Arts Festival-Goa 2017, grows every day to further surprise visitors, dignitaries, and guests alike with overwhelming performance through the day. Today, being Day-3, brings more exuberance to the SAF-Goa 2017 with theatrical dance, contemporary crafts and the great Indian delightfully sumptuous street delicacies from across the nation’s varied palette. With ten venues outfitted in vivid colours of the rainbow, state-of-the-art stage set-ups and visually captivating displays;this is a world which whisks visitors into deeper dimensions in absorbing the performing arts diversity of India.

Serendipity Arts Festival – Goa 2017 – presents contemporary arts, crafts, a culinary promenade of local flavors, and international theatrical dance

Sharing the views on the captivating audiences’ delight in the Serendipity Arts Festival Goa 2017,  said, “It is truly bringing more people from all walks of life, and their excitement is delightful. I am happy to see the response we’ve received and assure our patrons that we have bigger and better performances coming up in the next few days”.

Today, the SAF- Goa 2017 powered by TCS presents mind-blowing and beautifully crafted performances that have been created out of the diverse Indian performing art forms which are intangible yet sustainable. There were curated shows on some of the oldest forms of art being amalgamated with modern contemporary crafts. Today, also saw the trails down India’s local cuisines right from the heart of the nation’s locales. The highlights of Day-3 were awe-inspiring for visitors such as the –

Christie’s Conclave at the SAF-Goa 2017 that presents the second edition this year with more vitally and engaging keynote address by Dr. Kavita Singh, and then covers the Indian Arts and its Regional Idioms – where speakers will share their thoughts on Jewelry by Meera Kumar, on Textiles by Dr. Monisha Ahmed, and on Sculpture by Dr. Deepak Kannal, followed by the Patrons and Connoisseurship talk – where speakers present were Czaee Shah, Deepthi Sasidharan, at the Adil Shah Palace.

Shiv Yin – A Celebration of Life – a special showcasing at the DB Football Ground, by The Beijing Contemporary, Teng Amin, and Rukmini Chatterjee and a panel of talented artists showcasing a spectacular theatrical dance drama performed by two of the oldest and most traditional rich culture’s and natives of Asia – a collaboration of Chinese contemporary and Indian classical music dance performance. While the performance displays each art-form imbibed in its own culture. Here the mix between the Chinese and Indian dancers, each representing the male and female energies. Interplays of duos and solos choreographed to perfection as they act out the emotional, expressive and physical flow of contemporary dance.

Jaali – a Manjari Nirula and Laila Tyabji presentation at the Adil Shah Palace, on India’s most intrinsic craft ‘Jaali’ which is a traditional art form that displayed dexterity, creativity and embroidered hand-made techniques practiced in India. It shows intricate handwoven detailing of craftsmanship in inlay marble work – stone work, jaali in pashmina, block prints and the use of leather and natural fibres are more. A truly breathtaking display of India’s cultural crafts.

Dumb Wait-err – a theatre presentation curated by Tushar Pandey that challenges the spectators’ notions on traditions and bring forth the ghoulishness in an experimental style using elements like CCTV cameras, and video.

Stand on the Street –  curated by Aruna Ganesh Ram, a performance director, designer, and trainer, who is dedicated to creating riveting performance in unique experiences. This show “Stand on the Street’ a promenade experience of culinary delights that recreates moments of delectable and an aspiring amalgamation of a journey in the culinary enchantments of the various tastes on Indian Street food. It brings forth the oldest tradition of a foodies’ paradise of flavors, the labour and passion behind creating each dish of ubiquitous street food.

Serendipity Arts Festival – Goa 2017 also has been responsible for putting India on the world map for performing culinary cultural arts. This initiative is a personal passion of the patronage of Mr. Munjal, who has been involved personally in curating the SAF-Goa 2017. This year is all about scale and pushing boundaries – SAF 17, will be experimenting with site, form and display. Along with a line-up of scintillating programming spanning music, dance, theatre, visual arts, and culinary arts, this year’s edition is an unmissable spectacle of epic proportions.


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