Workshop on Safety at RIMT World School



RIMT World School conducted a safety workshop on Thursday May 11, 2017 to raise safety awareness and reduce accidents among children. It was observed to highlight the importance of Safety in all spheres of life so as to prevent mishaps and accidents resulting out of neglect or lack of awareness.

Kone Elevator India P Ltd. organized a workshop wherein the representatives demonstrated the safe ways to behave around elevators and escalators. Screening of safety films was one activity which showed the correct and proper way using elevators and escalators.


They stressed that elevators are for convenience and not a joy ride for kids. They should take precautions as there could be a potentially fatal accident waiting to happen, a danger that you may not even sense soon enough to do you any good.

The principal, Mrs Poonam Katoch said that we at RIMT World School conduct such workshops regularly so as to create awareness among students.


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