Article-Some Steps To Fight Overweight


Gaurika Sharma

Some Steps To Fight Overweight

1.Fishes  accelerates metabolism, and one serving of salmon has a daily rate of iodine that is needed for the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland, enriched with iodine, contributes to the formation of all the necessary for metabolism hormones. Salmon is also rich in omega-3 acids, which can improve working efficiency and mood. Fresh fish should be included into your diet at least for 2 times a week.

2.Another product that reduces centimeters on your waist is a South American drink mate, which is able to blunt hunger. This tea is recommended to drink half an hour before each meal, as it stimulates digestion and accelerates fat burning process.

3.Almonds are nuts that give the feeling of satiety for a long time. It is believed that this nut is worth eating with the peel, which contains a huge amount of flavonoids. In order to start the process of losing weight it is enough to eat daily 10 almonds.

Article- Steps to reduce overweight

4.Exotic fruit papaya contains enzymes that promote the assimilation of protein, vitamin C and magnesium. Half of a papaya can improve your body’s digestion.

5.Legumes such as peas, lentils, and beans are full of fiber, which lowers the level of sugar in the blood. Experts say that you should eat beans at least two or three times a week.

6.Eggs could also defeat hunger. They contain adinopektin, free hormone that enhances insulin action in adipose tissue.

7.Tomatoes are able to excrete fluid from the body due to the high potassium content. In addition, tomatoes contain very few calories. Consumption of fresh tomatoes does not only promote weight loss, but also improves digestion and improves the state of the connective tissue.


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