Chandigarh Open Bridge Championship organized by Chandigarh Bridge Association



Chandigarh Open Bridge Championship organized by Chandigarh Bridge Association (CBA) concluded here today at The Lalit, Chandigarh.

In the Super League Results of 7 rounds of 10 boards each, the team of Steel Strips emerged the topper out of the eight teams, scoring 101.73, followed by Delhi Blues with 89.30 score.

Team of Engineers came third with 80.15 score with Anoop Dhawan’s team scored 74.08 at fourth place.

Rajputana of Rajasthan were at fifth position with 67.15, Baikunth Magnolia scored 62.84, Satinder Singh team of Chandigarh Bridge Association scored 53.07, and Agarwals of Delhi scored eight rank with 31.68.

Amongst the seven pairs who topped the score the Delhites cornered six positions out of seven, with Maharashtra as the lone pair scoring the fifth rank.

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The Delhi team of Capt R.K. Marwah and R.K. Garg scored 732.77, following by the pair of J.B.Sengupta and Anil Bharihoke at second position with  683.63.

Arun Jain and Mukesh Srivadasani and pair of Vijay Kumar and PC Gupta were at third and fourth position with respective scores of

V.N.Lal and Mukul Goel of Maharashtra scored 631.14, followed by Sandeep Thakral and Natalsha Khanduria scoring 625.66.

In the seventh rank was another Delhi pair of R.P. Narain and Arun Srivastava with a score of


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