Doctors at Fortis Hospital, Mohali treat 15 Soldiers injured during the War in Iraq



A team of doctors at Fortis Hospital, Mohali has been treating 15 soldiers of Iraq to help them get back to their normal way of life. Most of these patients suffered injuries during the civil war that has plagued their country. The treatment involved best possible option from amputation to reconstruction to retain and preserve best possible function. A cross specialty team of doctors has been treating them.Orthopedics Surgery in Fortis Hospital, Mohali were leading the treatment of these patients.

Abdullah Obaid Wais, 26, is one such soldier from Iraq who was operated upon by Dr Ashis Pathak, Director, Neuro Surgery.The patient had sustained injury in his left upper limb following Gun Shot Wound (GSW) in December, 2016. Subsequently, he was operated at Lebanon but had difficulties holding things with his left hand. He underwent brachial plexus surgery whereby the nerves were dissected free from entanglement. His shrapnel were also removed and is now well on his way to recovery. The muscle and nerve entrapment was freed from the scar contracture.

Speaking about the cases,Dr Ashis Pathak, Consultant, Neuro Surgery,said, “Many patients from Iraq has been visiting Fortis in the recent past. Most of these cases are clinically complicated cases where expert intervention is a necessity. At Fortis, we have provided them the best possible treatment to arrest any deterioration in their condition. Corrective procedures has been prescribed and executed to improve the living conditions of them.”

Another war hero, Amar Sajid, 23, came with complete loss of function of whole of right upper limb for one year duration. He had surgery of fractured clavicle bone which had been fixed with plate and screws in the past. He underwent a total re-exploration of the brachial plexus including revision of his fractured clavicle throughout a team effort of Dr. Pathak, Director Neurosurgery, Dr. A S Prabhu, Consultant, Plastic Surgery and Dr. Ajay Singh Bhambhri, Consultant, Orthopedic Surgeon, Fortis Hospital, Mohali.

The initial damage and surgery done abroad were revised. All his trapped nerves were made free and transpassed into normal anatomy. The patient started moving his right upper limb from the very first operative day. His sensation of right upper limb has returned and is recovering fast.

Ali Mezher had a bullet injury in left arm which tore apart his brachial artery.This meant to supply blood to the limb. An initial repair of the blood vessel was done at Iraq after which he noticed to have loss of left hand grip and was re-explored. The damage vessel and surrounding nerves were plastered in a dense scar. After 10 hours of grueling surgery the trapped nerves were dissected free from scar and normal anatomy was restored. Even though it was difficult to guarantee his improvement. he is now moving his fingers and has started to grip soft balls, empty glasses and other similar objects.


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