Joe Biden, Kamala Harris under fire for Afghanistan disaster


Joe Biden, Kamala Harris under fire for Afghanistan disaster

Joe Biden Kamala Harris under fire for Afghanistan disaster

What did the President know and when did he know it? The searching query that underscored the Watergate scandal is scorching Washington again after remarks by US President Joe Biden that he was never told that such a rapid collapse in afganistan as possible was contested by leaks claiming there were warnings and red flags galore that taliban would overrun kabul if the US left too quickly.

Under attack for the botched withdrawal that has stranded thousands of Americans and Afghan cohorts in the strife-torn country, Biden is scheduled address the issue later on Friday, with vice-president Kamala Harris who is also under fire for being indifferent to the plight of women.

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Harris is scheduled to leave on an Asia trip, with stops in Singapore and Vietnam, later in the day, trailed by exhortation contained in a letter signed by 85 individuals and groups urging her to “take actions to protect Afghan women and girls and to address this unfolding human rights and humanitarian catastrophe.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris under fire for Afghanistan disaster

The crisis buffeting the Biden-Harris administration comes amid a continuing stand-off in Kabul where US forces are struggling to evacuate Americans stranded outside the airport perimeter controlled by Taliban.

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Reports of periodic skirmishes and firing point to a tense situation, “it is very hard to be an American here.” At home, President Biden is under several scrutiny after the leak of an internal memo sent though the state department’s dissent channel that warned Washington of a potential collapapse of Kabul soon after the August 31 troop withdrawal deadline.

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