Mega Canadian Education Fair organised by Charms Education & Immigration

Charms Education to organize Mega Canadian Education Fairs in region


BY ANU (ChandigarhCityNews)

There is good news for students desirous of pursuing education in Canada.

Students of the region, mainly from Punjab show a lot of interest in studying abroad, & Canada is coming up quite well as a destination for them. This was the topic of discussion at a press conference organised by Charms Education & Immigration Services, which guides students find the right course, Institute and in provision of consultancy services for turn-key student visas for Canada. The experts from Charms Education were accompanied by recruitment heads of Canadian Colleges & Universities.

It was announced that Charms is organizing Mega Canadian Education Fairs in Chandigarh & Punjab for the benefit of prospective students who want to pursue their Canadian education dreams. “The fairs will bring on a single platform Recruitment Heads of nearly 45 top Government approved Colleges & Universities of Canada. The mega Canadian Education Fair & Admissions Workshop 2017 in Chandigarh will be held at Hotel Taj on 2nd April, in Ludhiana Hotel Regenta Central Klassic will host the Fair on 3rd April, in Jalandhar the fair will be put up on 4th April in Hotel President & Amritsar’s Hotel Holiday Inn will host it on 5th April.” Said Mr. Rahul Paitka, MD, Charms Education & Immigration Services.

Mr. Rahul Paitka was accompanied by a bevy of Experts on Canadian education sector. Mr. Manish Paitka, CEO, Charms Education & Immigration Services, Ms. Tania Hazlett, Manager International Recruitment and Services, Sault College, Ontario, Canada, Mr. Sanjeev Singh, Representative, India & Canada, University of Fraser Valley & Mr. Amit Arora, AVP: Retail Products and Customer Service (GIC-Guaranteed Investment Certificate), ICICI Bank (Canada), Ontario, Canada also participated in the press conference.

Experts shared facts related to some new rules in Canadian Higher Education. It was informed that a new rule had come into force which will benefit students seeking longer courses in Canadian Colleges. In case one is going for a 3-4 years long course , the student shall get more marks for Permanent Residency (PR); this will brighten the student’s chances of PR ship in Canada.

“With marks for PR being increased for longer duration programme takers in Canada, the number of students that Canada will receive is slated to go up. With new rules coming into effect the Mega Canadian Education Fairs will bear an important role. Students will about the appropriate college & course of study, special offers like scholarships, application fee waiver & on the spot admissions etc.Students will be able to apply for September 2017 & January 2018 intake.” Said Manish Paitka, CEO, Charms Education.

Mr. Amit Arora gave a low down on the issue of old funds requirement; and the process of GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate). Representatives of ICICI Bank, Canada will also be available during the Canadian Education Fairs.

“We have seen high interest of students in the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia because of the PNP or Provincial Nominee Program. Added Rahul Paitka, MD, Charms Education.

The Canadian Education experts & recruitment heads informed that students from the region were interested mainly in Nursing with Specializations like Critical Care and Gerontology, in Engineering Specializations like Robotics were in vogue, IT too was in demand, in Humanities there was an interest towards Criminology & Psychology and  Medical area was also sought after.




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