Take a Break: 5 Simple Practices for Daily Life


Take a Break: 5 Simple Practices for Daily Life

For countless times you must have heard people around you, on TV, or on social media suggesting ways to achieve peace and calm. Oe of the most stressed upon methods amongst these is meditationHowever, can we really maintain the rhythm, discipline, and time for it? Multi-tasking unstoppably between emails, deadlines and social life, is it even possible to just sit back, close eyes and relax?

We’ll say, not many people have the privilege or can manage their time for it.

So, what to do? What are the options?

Simple Practices that Bring Peace and Happiness

When was the last time you just-woke-up with a blank mind? When was the last time you actually relinquished the taste of your morning coffee? Don’t remember? We guessed!

But, not anymore because these simple practices will work like a charm for you.


  • Expand Your Horizon of Mindfulness


Amid the desire to strive for big luxuries, you often underestimate the power of little pleasures like the gush of the wind, smell of the wet soil, walking barefoot on the grass, etc.

What you need more is to take a break and feel the beautiful things around, things that make you lively. Appreciate the moments that make you feel better instantly.

Remember, materialistic joys are momentary. Obsessing over other negative inanimate things is pale and meaningless.


  • Gently Conquer Your Anxieties


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The most pressing issue that keeps you away from peace is worrying about the future or wallowing over the past. It not only keeps your mind constantly occupied but also creates a vibe of sadness around you.

The simple way to avoid this is to revert to present consciously. When you find the clouds of anxiety shadowing you, make sure to let them pass without weighing them with ifs and buts.

Tell yourself that you have come a long way, and will go a mile ahead. This self-assurance acts like a block to all negative thoughts and ensures your mind is calm and peaceful.


  • Find Your Reasons to Smile


Undoubtedly, life is adamant in giving you endless reasons to frown upon situations. It will put your mental strength to test time and again. However, the only way to get through the tough times and stressful situations is to take a smiling break.

Your smile works as a shield to the negative thoughts. It elevates your mood and of the ones around you. Besides, it can make you feel good within seconds. You just have to know your reasons to smile.

For instance, it can be scrolling through your old photos, having your favorite dessert or even as simple as looking at dogs pictures. Always remember, any little thing that puts a smile on your face is a key to break the cobweb of hectic situations.

These are the things keeping you happy, take note of them!


  • Allow Yourself Unquestionable 5 Minute Breaks



Work, stress, responsibilities, and future will keep your plate full every minute. Sitting tight always reaps no benefit whatsoever.

Therefore, allow yourself to detach for ‘quick five minutes’.

This five minutes break will rejuvenate your mind and will provide you energy to get back to the game. All you need to do is close your eyes, relax and breathe.


  • Follow One Task at a Time Rule


Managing all the tasks at hand is an art. You have to be super quick and super active to handle each and everything in line. However, often multitasking backfires further leading to stress and hectic situations.

Besides, switching focus slows down productivity. It breaks the flow and makes you more prone to errors and mistakes.

Thus, whenever possible, take charge of one task at a time. It will keep you relaxed and free from pressure.

Here’s the PointRunning off from situations is not an option. To keep fighting them is a challenge. So, why not take the easier route?

Always remember, if you are persistent, you can get anything. But, if you are consistent, you will make a difference.

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