Whatever I know about acting,I learnt from our director Shashank Khaitan:Janhvi Kapoor

Jahnvi Kapoor visited Chandigarh for her First Film Dhadak's promotion


Whatever I know about acting, I learnt from our director Shashank Khaitan on the sets of Dhadak. of course my mother Sri Devi is my inspiration all these years.Though I have seen her 5 films only,I grown up watching her, and I believe that it is your life experiences that teach you alot.

Whatever I know about acting,I learnt from our director Shashank Khaitan:Janhvi Kapoor

His decision to take on an enormous responsibility is where the journey of ‘Dhadak’ began.  The intensity of responsibility I have felt at every stage during the making of this film is truly incomparable.From the very first moment of deciding to take an incredible blockbuster classic into my hands to garner inspiration from, to this  moment then I am ready to let my creation out into the world, this feeling has resonated with me. I feel responsibility towards my two new talents I am presenting to the world, towards my producer who has supported me in this  journey through sheer belief and encouragement, towards my team who have been integral in making my vision a reality and most importantly towards my audience who have showered  me  with  love  in  the  past  and  have  expectations  from  me  to  create  something better each director Shashank Khaitan,Janhvi Kapoortime. But  this  is  a  responsibility  I decided to  take upon myself with the strong self  belief, that I would  put  my  best  efforts to  deliver. When I decided to make an adaptation of ‘Sairat’ , I had  a vision  in  mind. A  vision to  not in  anyway diminish the brilliance of the original but to have my own interpretation of the magnificent love story. Satisfaction came to me on this journey through my two talents performing everything I had  in mind  so brilliantly  in  front of  my eyes, that they became the heartbeats of my film. My confidence was  driven by  my excellent team, who shared the responsibility I had taken on at  every  stage, which really makes this film all of ours. Every hesitation, doubt and  confusion I  have  faced  in  the  process has  led  to  this time of  clarity  where I feel immensely happy  and  satisfied  with  this  part of my journey. My team and I have taken on  this challenge in  stride and  put in all our efforts  to create something  that  we  could all be proud of. And  now,  comes  the  most  important  part  of  this  journey, opening  our  creation  to the  world. I  hope  I  am  able  to  portray  the responsibility  I  have taken  on and  make  everyone as  proud  of  ‘Dhadak’  as  I  am

Directed  by  Shashank  Khaitan


“When  two  worlds  collide;  they  become  one.”    Set  in  the  picturesque  city  of   Udaipur ,Dhadak  is  the  story  of  Madhukar and Parthavi.  Madhukar  Bagla  (20), the  only  son  of  a  lakeside  restaurant  owner  and  Parthavi  Singh (19), daughter  of  a  renowned politician  in  Udaipur.  Madhukar  Bagla  was  always infatuated with  Parthavi,  but  it  was  all one- sided  till  they  come  face  to  face  at a  village  fair. From  the  moment  they  set  eyes  on each  other;  Madhukar  and  Parthavi felt  something  familiar,  something  pure. Despite  the warnings  from  their  respective  families  they  both  fallin  love.  But  as  their  love  blossomed, so  did  their problems. Torn between  society  and  their  families, their  fate  became  uncertain.  Dhadak is  a  simple,  passionate  story  about  first love


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