World Sparrow Day on the special.

Lovely Sparrows brought back all come together.



House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) is a bird which is found in Europe and Asia in general is everywhere. In addition, wherever in the world it was a man who followed them and most locations in the United States, some places in Africa, New Zealand and Australia and made their home in other urban settlements. In urban areas, the same six species of sparrow. The House Sparrow, Spanish Sparrow, Sind Sparrow, reset Sparrow, Tree Sparrow and Sparrow Dead Sea. They called Sparrow House Sparrow.

Goraya is a small domestic bird. It is light gray or white in color. The body feathers are small and yellow beak and feet are yellow. Goraya of male identity is black spots near his neck. 14 to 16 cm Long this bird likes to be around men’s houses. Almost everyone likes this kind of climate, it is lower in places on the hill |

Over the years, concerns over the falling of a sparrow in cities being. The modern architecture of the old houses high-rises in the place like a sparrow can not get to stay. Old grocery shops are declining because of supermarket culture. Dana could not get it to Bunting. In addition, mobile towers out of the waves is also believed to be harmful to the sparrows. Tnrgen find the direction of the bird and its reproductive system affect adversely affected, resulting sparrow is fast disappearing. Sparrow grass seeds are quite like the city than in rural areas are easily accessible.

Now houses the beginning of protection laid sparrow.

Never before in homes Ch Chane Sparrow (sparrow) is probably due to slowly evaporate than none concrete palaces that now people do not make their home due to little sparrows.

So now it is not even seen in the cities on the sparrow nature to love the people whom he selected for conservation efforts are not house them, Panchkula. 452 Sector 11 and SD College, Chandigarh Raja Sharma Medhavi student.
They say that if we turn the system to stay in their homes if Sparrow bird houses again will take Chane Ch.

The introduction of the house –

We should start from the home. Sparrow is the first to live in a house where she can feel safe to give. Making room for the new house sparrow can leave.
The king himself in his own home have set up half a dozen house sparrow | Today, more than half a dozen houses are sparrow. And broken rice bowls of millet for them in your garden and keeping them in a bowl of water systems also have went. He continued to organic farming in the gardens of the sparrow is not lack of natural food.

It is also home to the squirrel and the “squirrel feeder” has made.
Now the Indian Education Society in association with King Troisiti sparrow conservation and RV Hts 8 July 2015 for the public awareness campaign has been launched. For the protection of birds and bird lovers environment by creating wooden Hts RV is virtually reach. King said it’s a website (sparrowworld) also made aware of where to go and no one can take the house sparrow.


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