Maharishi Dayanand Public School organizes Essay Writing Competition   


Maharishi Dayanand Public School organizes Essay Writing Competition:  Maharishi Dayanand Public School organized an Essay Writing Competition in collaboration with Chandigarh Renewal Energy, Science and Technology Promotion Society (CREST), Chandigarh. Many students participated in the competition.

This competition was divided into two categories i.e., junior and senior. Through the competition, students conveyed the message that today technology has progressed in all fields.

Countries around the world are building models of sustainable growth based on the assumption that technology can help them to create new or alternate sources. Science can help to find ways to reuse the remaining resources in an efficient way.

Maharishi Dayanand Public School organizes Essay Writing Competition   

There has been the emergence of many application programs that are directed at finding the role of science and technology in sustainability. This is related to the finding of alternative and renewable energy sources in order to reduce pollution.

It also helps to avoid depleting the already scarce resources. Students expressed that Science and technology should be used to improve agriculture, horticulture, pollution control, power generation, education, defence sector, space exploration, etc.

We must use science to overcome problems. Science and technology has the potential to solve problems and challenges. But this potential is not being explored.

They told that problems pertaining to pollution, environmental degradation, etc. can be solved through science. All the cities of the world can be converted into smart cities with the help of science. All the vehicles that emit toxic gases can be converted into zero emission.

Maharishi Dayanand Public School organizes Essay Writing Competition

Pardeep, Sahil and Surender bagged first, second and third prize in junior category   while Jatin, Raja and Saneha in senior category got first, second and third position respectively. Principal Dr. Vinod Kumar gave away prizes to the winners.

He told that the main aim of this competition was to create awareness of importance of science and its uses in daily life.


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